bombardier tracksafe
Keeping workers free from injury with an efficient user experience.

When it comes to creating a system for worker safety, user interaction and accuracy are more crucial than ever. Bombardier's TrackSafe system is designed to reduce worker injury and death with an integrated electronic network. When they started in 2010, there was nothing else out there like it. Together with Rivit Technologies, they developed the perfect concept. All they needed was a clean and simple UX solution across multiple devices in the network. 
Galati Creative developed a unencumbered interface designed to make TrackSafe fast, easy and intuitive to use. Workers could easily walk past the tag-in unit and quickly see if they are tagged in, both on screen and with lights and sounds. More detailed tasks could be done efficiently with the touch screen interface. The typography is clean, contrast between object and background is high, and buttons are large and easy to click, all keeping in mind user proximity and their surrounding environment. With little to no training, workers can begin using the system... and be safer for it.
Watch the video here